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For a couple of months I had been experiencing pain under my shoulder.  Having previously seen a kinesiologist a few years ago for back pain I knew that my pain was coming from emotional issues that were not being dealt with.


During my session with Helen I felt instantly relaxed and safe. She helped me to identify my emotional issues and deal with the relevant emotions while placing me on the right path to deal with the issues.

She unblocked my energy and got it flowing positively again. I found my time with Helen to be one of the most positive experiences of my life. I went in with my mind completely clouded and came out feeling free.


The pain under my shoulder has since completely gone. I truly believe Helen has a gift and would urge anyone thinking of going to a kinesiologist, to go to Helen.  I promise it will be a worthwhile experience.

Nicola, westmeath.

Anxiety and fear of abandonment are things I have dealt with for a long time stemming mostly from my childhood but affecting me more as the years went on. I was finding it very hard to move past issues, trust and love people for fear of being hurt. I spent a lot of time avoiding relationships and letting people see the real me. I am in a long term loving relationship and was finding fear of losing my partner a massive strain. I was imagining every worst possible scenario and the end result of each scenario was that I would be alone and hurt again. It was causing a massive strain and I wanted to change the way my mind was working. I knew my partner loved me and I was a good person but doubt was constantly creeping in so I decided I needed to take action and take control of my life to gain peace and happiness.

A friend recommended Helen. The minute I walked through the door I felt at ease even though I was nervous.

After the first session I felt a weight had been lifted. The session focused on the root of my issues and what was causing a mental block. Without even realising it I had uncovered things I didn’t realise were linked to the feelings I was having.

Helen helped me to make a plan on how I could gain the happiness I wanted and after just a few sessions I felt I had a totally different outlook on things. Issues and problems were faced in away that did not damage my quest for happiness. Each session I went back for Helen and I saw huge improvements, my stress levels were lowered and I looked towards the positive rather than the negative. I would highly recommend kinesiology with Helen as it has helped me focus on my goals and work on getting the life I have always wanted.


I went to Helen for Kinesiology for a couple of reasons. The first reason was back and neck pain, headaches & light headiness which I had explored other paths for and nothing was working for me.

The other reason was emotional which was my main reason for going. I was having relationship issues, my self-confidence was very low, I was having slight panic attacks and I didn’t like myself anymore and I just felt tired and drained and didn’t know where my life was heading anymore.

The first time I went to Helen I told her it was just for physical pain but by the end of the session she knew there was more and asked me to be honest with her and work with her, so gradually I did.

Helen worked through my emotional issues by using kinesiology to pinpoint my triggers in our sessions, and as they went on I could feel myself week by week improving emotionally and physically, my pain was coming from all the stress in my life and when I started to release the stress not only did the pain start to ease but I felt more energised, relaxed & happier in myself, until I was eventually free of physical pain and able to control my emotional pain.

So many good things have happened to me since going to Helen, and I highly recommend her for whatever your symptom may be.

If ever any one person and a job where a perfect match then ‘Helen and Kinesiology’ is it!!

I have a lot to thank her for but most of all I wish her every success because she is amazing at what she does.


As a student before my session with Helen I was under a lot of stress due to all the pressure of exams and this stress and anxiety was reflected in my results.

I felt as if I was experiencing a mental block in accessing my full potential when taking exams due to the stress and anxiety.

After only one kinesiology session with Helen I immediately noticed a huge improvement in myself. I was no longer feeling anxious and my stress levels vastly decreased, allowing me to feel more relaxed and confident which had a positive effect on me academically.

I genuinely found my kinesiology session with Helen to be very effective and an overall positive experience. I would definitely recommend other students who feel overwhelmed due to the stress and pressure that comes with being a student, to contact Helen for a kinesiology session. Without a doubt I would return to Helen for another kinesiology session in the future. 

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