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Blog 1

Feeding the Love Wolf.

What are the consequence of the feeding one wolf or the other?

What’s the point of feeding one wolf or the other?

What is there to be gained out of it?

Well if you are consciously or (more probably) subconsciously feeding the fear wolf and all the emotional derivatives that comes from that, you are blocking your energy.

Fear blocks energy.

That’s the energy that causes your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, the energy that formed you in the womb of your mother. We are essentially only energy. When it truly flows freely and in balance, good health, joy and harmony ensues.

But when is becomes blocked or stagnated, it cannot freely do the job it knows how to do, and that it is to keep you healthy, well, joyous, optimistic and in love with life.


Fear is tangible. It has physical effects on your body. Life perceived through the eyes of fear, where the world feels unsafe, bitter, dangerous etc. create a stress response within the body. This in turn creates stress hormones which contribute to the makeup of the chemical composition of the blood. The genes reflect and respond to the composition of the blood.

Healthy blood, healthy gene expression, healthy proteins, healthy body. The same is true of the opposite.


If the chemical composition of the blood is comprised of stress hormones, then this does not look favourably to the proteins that our genes and cells create. This is getting into the realm of epigenetics, for now, to keep it simple, if we remember a world viewed through the eyes of love creates love hormones which create a beneficial effect on the chemical composition of the blood, thus allowing for upgrading and helpful gene expression.


When you consciously feed the LOVE wolf, you make a choice to shift your focus. Shifting your focus is like starving the fear wolf. You don’t need to do anything with the fear wolf, because of your shifted focus, it simply weakens and dies. However, this is not a one hit wonder. It is not something you do for one day and reap the rewards for years afterwards. It is a constant choosing and re-choosing. Making peace with yourself when you lose focus and simply starting again.


How do you begin choosing the Love Wolf?

  1. Each morning when you wake up. Ask yourself how you want this day to be? Simple is good. One or two words are enough.

  2. Write it somewhere so you can see it.

  3. Take a picture of the words and have it as the locked screen on your phone.

  4. Here’s the trick, when you see it happening, note it and thank it. I say, “Yes thanks, more please, keep it coming”.

I know that what you focus on expands and gratitude multiplies that force.


Watch your thought, your words, and your mood.

See if they are in alignment to your words for today.

If not, breathe, turn the other cheek towards the Love Wolf again.

It is just a decision to make a choice. Again and again and again.

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Blog 2

Making a decision.




















CISION suffix relates to cutting.

DECISION is cutting off.

To truly decide to do something, means cutting off other options.

To truly decide to feed the LOVE wolf means there is no other option. It means to continuously keep focus and drive towards your goal of feeding the LOVE wolf. It does not mean that you cannot deviate away from your goal accidently or not. It means when you stray from your decision, take time to regroup, refocus and re-choose in alignment with the LOVE wolf again and again and again.

There is room for mistakes, but the power of the decision is to always get back on the path of the LOVE WOLF.

What Has A Decision Got To Do With Manifesting The Life I Want?

How do I create?

Every reality comes initially from a thought form.

A decision is a thought to go with one option, cutting off other options. Each time you have a thought cells in the brain called neurons send a pulse to each other. If you have the same thought enough times, the same pulses are sent enough times. The brain then covers those pulses with a white fat to secure them in, make the signals go fast and automatic. Like the riding a bike.

Having one repetitive thought builds strong brain pathways.

Therefore, EVERYDAY repeated thoughts build up positive belief pathways that become automatic responses in our thoughts and our actions. If your decision is to feed the LOVE wolf, in time, your natural response becomes in alignment with LOVE.

A decision creates brain pathways that look for the reality of their beliefs and hence creates them. Therefore, creating more opportunities to experience life through the eyes of LOVE.

Remember the epigenetic insight we had in Blog 1; a world viewed through the eyes of love creates love hormones which create a healthy chemical composition of the blood, thus allowing for upgrading of gene expression. Put simply, LOVE hormones create healthy people on all levels.

Many of us have fed the bad wolf that much that negative pathways were developed. But that can be changed with a simple decision.

A thought is a vibration. One of the earliest vibrations. Then it moves through to the next phase of word. Speaking your thoughts. Which moves through to the final phase of action, doing, living experiencing your thoughts.

Like attracts like.

For me, thoughts coupled with the matching feelings, are the key to creating.

If your emotion matches your thought harmoniously and consistently then the creation of that thought, comes into being. Action can be used to reinstate those thoughts and emotions.

For example, I decide to get fit, I feel unshakably determined because I have made that decision, no other option. My action is exercising, obviously to get fit but more so to reinforce my decision and feeling of determination because that allows the universe to serve me.  With the combination of a decision and the emotion that flows with it, the universe will dish up and land at my feet the most beautiful opportunities.

I decide to feed the LOVE wolf and I feel ……………………………….relentless, driven, hopeful, excited, open, joyous, relieved, enthusiastic……etc.

You are free to make whatever decision you like.

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